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2022-2023 Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA) Results for

Proficient Reading: 30% | Distinguished Reading: 15% | Proficient Math: 22% | Distinguished Math: 8%

2023 Kentucky State Assessment Results:

  Math Proficient Math Distinguished Reading Proficient Reading Distinguished
Elementary 31% 12% 26% 22%
Middle 26% 10% 30% 15%
High 27% 11% 32% 14%

Youth Services Center

Mr. Jerren Morning, Coordinator
Phone: 270-234-1204
Center Hours: M-F 7:30am-3:00pm
Room 148B


Mr. Morning's Remind

Please join Mr. Morning's Remind with the code @h8hg3d

Student Request to speak with Mr. Morning or a Counselor


Youth Services Request

Bluegrass Middle School students, parents, and guardians, please complete the Bluegrass Youth Service Center Request for Services Form. The YSC coordinator will use this information to provide needed assistance or identify appropriate resources for your student and family. The Bluegrass Youth Service Center is available to assist all students and families in the Bluegrass community. The Youth Service Center is open Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or by appointment. 


Program Goals

  • Inform parents, staff, and community about services and activities offered by the center
  • Assist families in obtaining basic needs by increasing their knowledge of existing resources
  • To promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • Preventive and primary health services
  • Mental health intervention
  • To assist in reducing discipline problems
  • To foster a safe environment
  • Increase exposure to careers
  • Improve communication between family, school, and community resources
  • Academic assistance

Program Services 

  • Referrals to Health and Service Programs
  • Career Exploration
  • Information About Community Service Opportunities
  • Education Related to Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
  • Family Crisis and Mental Health Counseling
  • Academic Assistance
  • Wellness Activities